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Domaine de Chaumont sur Loire - Festival international des Jardins

24 APR. - 3 NOV. 2024 –  Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire : Garden Festival : “Life-source Garden”

As a result, we have a duty to protect the garden and its associated creatures with determination and in every way we possibly can, as this fragile place is essential for our survival, provides us with the shaded, fresh and revitalising atmosphere we need, and also produces our food, particularly fruit and vegetables. We therefore have to protect trees and flowers. Of course, water, which is key for the survival of plants, must be safeguarded, and we must also consider the garden as a whole, a complex ecosystem in which the elements interact with one another. The garden as a source of life is key in ensuring vitality, vibrancy and energy.

The challenge given to the 2024 garden designers was to illustrate this concept, and their proposals have taken all these factors into account.

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