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May 18th 2024 - Museum Night at the castle and the House of Magic (Blois)

For Museums' Night at the château and the Maison de la Magie, take a different look at the château's collections and

and renew your enthusiasm for the Musée des Beaux-Arts, located in the

in the Louis XII wing. Works that come to life, offbeat strolls punctuated by cheerful comedians

comedians, and fun activities to share, you're sure to enjoy an unexpected evening!


Cross the Place du Château and meet the magic artists from the Maison de la Magie

who are making the place their own. Magic tricks, optical illusions and mysterious

and mysterious technical feats.

Finally, to round off the evening in style, take in the Sound and Light show

in the courtyard of the château, where immersive special effects and monumental projections

and monumental projections.

Admission: Free admission to the Musée des Beaux-Arts and Maison de la Magie; Reduced admission to the Sound and Light Show.

Chateau de Blois

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