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Our guest rooms are (finally) ready!

We are delighted to announce that our guest rooms are now complete and available to rent.

Domaine de Champouteau is now exactly as we imagined it at the start of our adventure in 2020. But we're not stopping there, and we're working every day to improve our services and offer stays that we hope will please you even more.

Located on the first floor of our house, with its own entrance, our rooms have been furnished and decorated by us to create an atmosphere that is welcoming, comfortable, warm and relaxing!

Each room has its own atmosphere, and special care has been taken to decorate each one.

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Located on the 1st floor of our house, this spacious room is decorated in a romantic and refined style. In a region steeped in history, you'll be delighted by its regal feel.

This beautiful bedroom, on the 1st floor of our house, will charm you with its floral decor. Take inspiration from the objects you've found here and there to write down your travel memories.

Located on the 1st floor of our house, relax in this more contemporary bedroom. Wood takes pride of place, highlighted by different finishes (natural, stained, oiled, burnt), giving this room a warm, authentic feel.

This room on the 1st floor of our house has a warm, pastoral feel. The bull's-eye window frames the surrounding countryside.

Of course, our cottages are always there to welcome you with your family or friends.

See you soon in Champouteau!

Nathalie & Bruno

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